Monday, June 28, 2010

Human Rights

Human rights are important because it is important for the individual to know whom they are and their purpose. Only from knowing oneself and our lively purpose are we able to appreciate all that is ours and our right to it. The reason we have a right to the freedom of expression is because we were born with the ability to express ourselves. We have the right to sing, talk, walk, run, listen and think simply because our bodies are capable of doing all these things. All the things we can do come natural to us, so therefore we all have the right to natural human rights.

Although we have natural human rights, these rights don’t come naturally or freely, we have to fight for them. In the fight for human rights there has to be total united solidarity. The reason for this is that the argument for human rights is based exclusively on our being born with abilities, so therefore it is our natural human right to utilize these abilities.

If we make even the minutest smallest exception to the argument that supports human rights, then all natural human rights become a matter of politics. If human rights are based on politics, then people protected by human rights today may not be tomorrow. Human rights become a matter of chance, which protects nobody forever. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you no longer have any rights.

Human rights permit individuals to utilize their abilities; human rights do not give any individual the right to ignore the human rights of others. Human rights support a person doing all they can, being all they can as long as their actions are in harmony and peace with others. Your home is your kingdom and what goes on in your home is your business as long as it doesn’t interfere with the human rights of others.

Human rights do not give an individual the right to build a bomb in their home. If a bomb was to accidentally explode and blew up the neighbour’s home, then the neighbour’s right to life would have been ignored. There is a limit to human rights, however a good rule of thumb is that human rights provide individuals with all liberties as long as those liberties taken do not interrupt the human rights of others.

The Canadian Constitution of Freedoms and Liberties does not give Canadians their human rights. All individuals are born with human rights and there is no piece of paper or Constitution necessary to give individuals their rights. So, you might ask: Why did Canada spend 10’s of millions of dollars writing a constitution, supposedly to protect our rights, when it was not necessary? The reason for this is that the Canadian Constitution is an illusion; it doesn’t protect our rights, but instead takes away our rights.

The very first clause of the Constitution gives government the power to take away our human rights. It is the right of an individual to think. It is the right of the individual to enter into a contract. Human rights protect individuals from being enslaved and forced to work for a master. If an individual agrees to work for an employer and enters into a contract to do so, then there exists no contravention to that person’s human rights.

The Canadian Constitution was written as a way to circumvent the individual’s human rights by getting the individual to enter into a contract that would give government the power to ignore the individual’s rights. I know you don’t remember ever voting for or agreeing with any contract with government that would cause you to lose your human rights. The abuse and erosion of modern day democracy is how government believe Canadians have entered into a contract that gives government the power to ignore human rights.

The reason why government believes Canadians to be in a contract that causes Canadians to lose their human rights is simply because your MP who was elected to represent you voted for you in favour of the contract. This MP may not have wanted to vote for this contract, but they may have been forced to do so.

Political parties have what is known as a party whip who is a person in the party who’s job is to ensure that MP’s vote the party way. This isn’t democracy. Why have a representative at all? The reason for the MP is simply to create an illusion so that Canadians think they have a democracy, so that Canadians think they have human rights, so that Canadians think they have control and power to change the political party. It doesn’t matter what party is in power because bureaucrats run the country and politicians are puppets. The federal government in Canada is a bigger violator of human rights than all other human rights violators in Canada collectively.