Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Canadian Terrorists Revealed

Canadian bureaucrats, senators, politicians, legislative framers, Canada’s executive welfare are now confirmed to be the catalyst most likely to manifest into any real Canadian apocalypse. From within the evasive tax dollar-consuming gearbox of the federal government, the country is being sold out. Legislative enabled make work projects earmarked for some of Canada’s most protected executive welfare, both elected and non-elected, are nearing their peak in eroding national sovereignty, human rights and economic stability. The level of effort being initiated by this federal social club has reached treasonous undertakings. Canadian’s need to immediately pay close attention and ensure that they are heard.

Senior federal hierarchy is responsible for Canada’s fragile economic position being based too much on exports susceptible to global economy roller coaster instability. Neglect of national domestic trade stability is conclusive evidence of internal treasonous undertakings undermining Canada’s ability to ensure Canadian independence. Even more explosive than national independence is the onslaught of legislation decisively designed to underpin the individual’s ability to find stable work, to find themselves free from residential rent, from enjoying peace and harmony resulting from adherence to human rights and from being all you either want to be or can be.

Federal program services that should be don’t exist because of the cost of federal program services and executive welfare that shouldn’t be. The shortcomings of individual protection service programs, small business-support programs and domestic trade legislative policies are only part of the federal pitchfork used by Canada’s executive welfare recipients against Canadians. Another prong of this pitchfork can be found in the legislation that shouldn’t be. Legislation is means to the efforts made by the executive welfare that threatens national sovereignty, human rights and economic stability through foreign alienation permeating out of international trade agreements.

The federal government process and enabling legislation, from which the federal government alleges to have a legal means and right to initiate, uphold and execute, supposedly by the majority and thus brought into law by the force of the majority, is being misrepresented and misused. Government’s only arguments supporting a process that allows a government to only be supported by 10% of the population, yet bring into law legislation, which offends the vast majority is that governments have always been ran like this, as though 2 wrongs make a right. Government may have always gotten away with this treason, however, most criminals do always get away with their crimes until they are caught and humanity suffers until they are caught. The second argument is that the political system allows a political party to harass a constituent’s representative into betraying the constituent. Democracy is the constituent’s right of representation by an elected representative. If the constituent’s representative is going to be coerced into betraying the constituent’s majority views, then democracy has failed. Any legislation made into law because the votes of the required majority have been attained in contempt of any integrity for democracy would mean then that government efforts would be treasonous and the ill-fated law would be bogus.

The majority of Canadians don’t vote and the most common reason is that their vote wouldn’t make any difference because political parties are all alike; it is just a game they play. Why vote? The MP’s are only going to vote the way they are told and forced to vote by the party whip whose job it is to intimidate and pressure MPs into voting the party way.

There is no point in voting and no point in even having a representative because the bureaucrats run the country; the politicians are just puppets. The bureaucrats are not elected, they are there forever or at least until Canadians revolt. I wouldn’t vote because why be a part of the corrosive legislation government brings into law based on the alleged force of the majority. I certainly wouldn’t want government claiming any of my individual force, especially if it means its going to be misused and worse, used against me to my demise.

It doesn’t take too much to definitively conclude that the majority of Canadians that don’t vote don’t because government is a waste of time. It doesn’t take much to definitively conclude that the government we have is a waste, period.

The truth of the matter, although it hurts in every way possible, is that 62% plus of the entire cost of the federal government is dedicated to causing strife in the Canadian economy, disparities among people, hostility between provinces and resentments between Canadians and immigrants. This is all achieved through ill conceived legislation resulting in Canadians being too busy looking for work to keep tabs on government or Canadians are to preoccupied with their focus on the blatant news headlines to realize that government is behind the scheme. It is like using a public washroom and smelling the poop, but not knowing who left the stink.

The government and this executive welfare social club are wizards at creating illusions. Seeing through these illusions only requires asking ourselves, “Who benefits?” Knowing how this works will allow Canadians to know with all their heart, mind and soul that the biggest form of terrorism in Canada today and for quite some time has been government. Knowing how the simple task of asking oneself “Who benefits?” can lead to definitive knowledge of what the government is doing and how the government is getting away with it is the fist step to resolve. This then reveals exactly what we need to do in order to right the many wrongs of Canadian government and crimes against humanity, at least Canadian humanity.

By the time you have completed reading the information that you will be provided with, you will be able to not only understand and be able to defend your beliefs, you will likely stand together with the majority of Canadians and make real change for the immediate improvements reflective of the majority. Another great relief will be your self-knowledge of having no need to either hear anything a politician has to say nor will you have any interest in even telling a politician what is needed and hoping the politician will represent the majority. Instead, the majority will provide the government with the process; the interpretations, the protocols and the government will do exactly as they are told. Canadians will have the amount of government they need, the programs they need and the cost of providing the government and programs we either need or want will be half the cost of the government’s problematic, self-serving and corrosive programs served up to Canadians by the executive welfare we definitely don’t need.

In upcoming submissions you will be provided with irrefutable self-determining conclusions that will enlighten some to the reality of the federal government’s vision for our nation and the outcome of their initiatives having reached epic proportions of sheer treason-like results. This won’t enlighten all people, for some people are already aware so their enlightenment might be in knowing there are many others who know and share this knowledge and are ready to make a difference.

The reality of the matter is that likely the vast majority of Canadians already know and have these feelings, but just can’t put their finger on it. From personal polls that were done, about 80% plus hold the government totally responsible for the stink hole that the economy is in, lack of effective national trade stabilizing formulae, erosion of law, order and justice, lack of any vision that would be any longer term than that in between elections. The list goes on relentlessly.

The upcoming submissions will also inform you of what amount of government we do need and how that government we decide we need would perform. Canadians from across the country will be asked to take part in an information collecting and sharing focus group. This focus group will be polling participants for their yay and nay votes on various proposed strategies, legislation needs, job descriptions and mandates of our elected and non-elected government officials and their wages, benefits and budgets. In a nutshell, bureaucrats, if there are any left when we are done and politicians would never be in a position where they had to think. If where the Canadian economy has gone is any reflection of our bureaucrat’s and politician’s thinking, then anyone with only a fair shake for the obvious would be well aware that we certainly don’t need this executive welfare social club thinking – it costs too much – we are all going broke.

The national focus group will consider the various ways the federal government is able to introduce ill and flawed legislation into law. We will also be looking at past legislation and exposing the hidden beneficiaries when considering, “Who benefits?” Internet databases will be constructed so as to tally Canadian views. Also, Internet databases will be constructed so as to red flag areas of problematic human rights contraventions that accrue in various departments of the federal government.

The purpose of the focus group and Internet databases is first to give Canadians a voice that can be both heard and shared and secondly to expose the areas needing to be changed, i.e. executive welfare. The objective is to determine collectively the best and most efficient means of obtaining effective government. The goal of the focus group is not to consider other forms of government, but instead to clean house and fix the abused broken parts of the democracy we have.

It will also be the mandate of the focus group that human rights education will be taught in all Canadian schools. It will also be the mandate of the focus group to support and honour those courageous and victorious individuals who in the past defied self-serving governments and executive welfare social groups to bring about the human rights we share today. It is our obligation to ensure that the freedoms and liberties so many before us shed their blood for are remembered and their achievements are protected.

Pioneering Struggle

If we look at a nation as being it’s people, then Canada is truly a great country. Canada is a nation with a history of hard working, proud and moral individuals who pioneered this country into it’s diverse and multicultural family we so much enjoy today. It wasn’t easy taming this vast land that stretches from Newfoundland Labrador to British Columbia. For many of our predecessors life was anything but easy. The dream of finding a new life in a new land was the inspiration that allowed the pioneers of Canada to persevere.

From across this great country, province by province, territory by territory, the greatness of Canada is enriched by the endless contributions made by all. Shared by all was a vision, a hope, a dream of a new life and home with freedoms and liberties, with peace and quiet and the means to find one’s path and destiny. Many lives perished and were lost during this pioneering quest, but what this land had to offer was worth the effort. Although many perished and were unable to experience the benefits directly, the fruit of their labours was for the future generations of their families.

Dreams of a rich and providing new land pass as they are with the reality that fulfills the most grandeur of dreams had. Canada, a land with vast riches of minerals and natural resources surpass the most enormous of wealth envisioned by the past pioneers of this country. Canada is today because of the vision, blood and sweat of our ancestors for it was their pain and suffering that we have the potential that exists today.

To honour our ancestors and protect, share and continue their vision and ensure their efforts were not in vain we need to soldier on and forward. The visions had by our ancestors are nonexistent within the confines of the federal government. In fact, Canadian vision is nonexistent period within the federal government. Canadian vision is dictated by foreign countries whose only interest in Canada is our wealth and enslaving Canadians into providing it. This country is being sold out and Canadians are being made slaves to it.

A land for all, a home for all, a job for all – unfortunately not all – not many can make claim to any of this vision. Have you lost your job, your pension and your home because of foreign economic strife? Are you having to start out all over again with an outlook that now, instead of retiring at 55, you will be 75; instead of owning your own home mortgage free at 55, you will be 75? For those of you who aren’t in this position yet, the likelihood is that you will be. When your country’s economy is based on exports, your job stability is in the hands of foreign countries. Is the Canadian vision that our nation is dependent on foreign countries at the cost of our independence, at the cost of our financial security in having a stable job?

Legislation: The Evil Enabling Tool Of Government

It is through legislation that our executive welfare class is able to fill their pockets with silver and gold at the cost of Canadian freedoms and liberties. Legislation, apparently for the purpose of protecting or benefiting Canadians, rarely does. By considering “Who Benefits?” we are able to see through the illusion that it is not the majority of Canadians, but instead the few - the executive welfare - government and bureaucrats who benefit.

From the very get go of all legislation there is a cost to bringing proposed legislation into becoming law. Proposed legislation having been made into law creates further costs of make work projects in maintaining and studying the impacts of the law on Canadians. These make work projects employ Senate committees and sub-committees, House of Commons committees and sub-committees and further bureaucratic committees and sub-committees. All of these committees and their expenses are put in place supposedly to ensure Canadians are being well served by the legislation.

What these make work projects really achieve is nothing more than an excuse to have meetings so that the executive welfare on the committees have a place to go and feel important. This is the reason why most legislation is filled with flaws. Every time a Canadian is adversely affected by flawed legislation the individual demands that government do something about the injustice of the flawed legislation. We have now set in motion not only the make work projects of studying the flawed legislation, but also we have enabled government to be able to say that they are working on our behalf.

The most indigestible part of this gruel Canadians are forced to swallow is finding out that a flaw in the legislation can be studied by the executive welfare for decades. Worse is the fact that even after decades of make work projects studying the same flaw, nothing is done about it. It may now be beneficial to understand how flawed legislation leads to make work projects and the social club it creates by looking at a few case studies. Hold in mind that these few case studies are among thousands.

CRTC legislation gives marketing companies the right to invade your privacy in your home without any action you can take to immediately stop the unwanted harassment. Canadians never had any problem with unwanted marketing calls. If a Canadian were to receive an unwanted call at home, it only took phoning the police and/or Telephone Company and that was the end of the problem. There was no legislation needed, so why create legislation where none is needed? Although Canadians didn’t need legislation for unwanted marketing calls, the executive welfare’s insatiable need for make work projects is paramount to the needs of Canadians.

The marketing companies had no legislative right to invade the privacy of the individual before and if they did they could risk their phone service being cut off with the possibility of being charged by the police for harassing phone calls. The CRTC legislation gave the marketing companies the legislative right to invade the individual’s privacy with no consequence of interruption of their phone service or charges of harassment by the individual. The executive welfare’s brainstorm to remedying this problem after 20 years of studying the matter proved worthless and marketing companies still continue inconveniencing the individual. If a person doesn’t want a marketing company phoning they have to inconvenience themselves further by writing to the company and to the CRTC. If after 3 months the marketing company continues phoning, then the individual can write the CRTC again and supposedly then a letter will be sent and sometime later if the company doesn’t stop then the CRTC will do something.

The effect of the CRTC legislation was their need to hire more people to offset the increased workload of replying to harassed Canadians (make work projects). Canadians are taxed more for less and last, but not least Canadians lose their right to privacy. The most hurt from the loss of home privacy are the individuals who have loved ones in hospital and are expecting the phone to ring with the bad news of their passing away or are about to. Each and every time the phone rings their hearts jump only to find out it was a telemarketer. The elderly who painfully make their way to the phone and the mentally ill who become frightened with the pressure unleashed by the telemarketer.

Another brain dead piece of legislation that only benefit the executive welfare and this time the effect is to suppress small and medium sized businesses. In the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) there is a clause that states that if the importing business imports a product into the country and that product was made from at least 62.5% of materials from Canada, the U.S. or Mexico, then the importing business doesn’t have to pay the import tariff on the product.

The purpose of this legislation is supposedly to promote more use of North American made parts thus creating more jobs. From the outset, this all sounds good, however, it is anything but good. To qualify for this zero rate import tax on the product being imported into the country, the Canadian business must provide CBSA with a Certificate of Origin (CO), which has to be acquired from the manufacturer. The problem is found in the 2 clauses strategically placed by the executive welfare that proves lethal to the small business. The first clause is that the manufacturer only provides the CO on a voluntary basis and the second clause is that when a manufacturer does provide the CO, which proves the product was made in North America, it can only be used confidentially on only that one import.

The problem with these 2 unsuspecting clauses is that it allows big companies to dictate to the manufacturer who the manufacturer provides the CO to. The consequence of this to the small business is that now the small Canadian business has to pay the Canadian government an import tax that the big company doesn’t have to pay because the manufacturer won’t provide the CO. This creates unfair competition grounds for the small business because the product being imported cost the small business more.

You might think that if the CO provided to the Canadian government by the big company were valid, then the Canadian government would be able to allow the small business to import the same product without paying an import tax. No such luck because the second clause I mentioned above states that the government is only allowed to use the CO for the import of the big company. In a nutshell, the Canadian government will charge the small business an import tax on the product even though they are well aware that the product being imported is made in North America.

These 2 clauses (and there are thousands) create make work projects for the executive welfare. The small business owner will complain and want something done because the situation is unfair. All the committees of the executive welfare have now studied these 2 clauses since 1982. For 28 years and at the cost of billions of dollars, the executive welfare has filled their pockets with silver and gold at the expense of people with a dream of having a small business. These 2 clauses have caused many small businesses to go out of business. These 2 clauses have cost the Canadian taxpayer billions of dollars.

The last example I will give you really sums it all up. In 2008 the federal government announced that it would be pledging 2 billion dollars into a green campaign. The federal government announced that it would be providing an initiative of tax credits to companies that cut their CO2 emissions. If a business were to purchase equipment that lowered CO2 emissions, then the company would be able to apply for tax credits. Again, from the get-go all sounds good, in fact, it sounds so good that David Suzuki announced that he would make both his foundation and himself available to the federal government in advising government on how to best spend the 2 billion dollars.

A couple of days later it was announced on the news that the 2 billion dollars was to cover the cost of creating a formula for the tax benefits that would be given to the qualifying businesses. It was also announced that the 2 billion dollars would be for the cost of committee reviews and maintaining all of the appeals that businesses might have when trying to claim the tax credits. This one program represented 2 billion dollars of make work projects for the executive welfare and not one penny would ever be spent on a green initiative.

International Trade Illusion

The Canadian government would have us believe that international trade provides the bulk of Canadian jobs. Food for thought that may open the eyes of many Canadians is that there is not enough Canadians in Canada to produce all the products Canadians consume. So therefore, why isn’t there a job for every Canadian, especially if international trade creates so many more jobs? The answer to this question is simply that international trade causes for the loss of far more jobs than are created.

First of all, I would like to say that there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with international trade. In fact, I would be the first person to say that there is a need for international trade. Think of all the things we need in Canada such as some fruit and vegetables etc. that Canada doesn’t have the climate or resources for. As you can see, imports into Canada are necessary to fill a void of something we are not able to source from within the country. Like Canada there are other countries that need resources and products that are scarce or non-existent in their own countries that Canada has an abundance of.

If, first of all, there aren’t enough Canadians in Canada to produce all the products that Canadians consume that could be made in the country and second, Canada has an abundance of resources other countries need and third, Canada is open to importing the things we need, then why isn’t there a job for every Canadian? The answer to this riddle can be found in asking oneself, “Who benefits?” It takes very little thought, once a person is able to see through the many illusions governments are so proficient at creating to see that the beneficiaries of Canadians being out of work are Canada’s executive welfare.

International trade, as conducted in Canada, doesn’t create jobs for average Canadians; it does create make work projects, a venue so that the executive welfare can feel important and it provides a diet for the power hungry individuals who make up Canada’s executive welfare. The only average Canadian jobs created by international trade are, at best, unstable jobs. I call these jobs unstable because these jobs can be brought to a standstill any day of the week. These jobs can be classified as artificial jobs because they have been created only through politics and most often at the cost of losing other, more stable jobs.

Stable jobs provide economic stability and artificial jobs subject to the whims of another country can only create instability. International trade agreements coral a nation’s workforce into producing products wanted by other countries. Should the importing country have some disagreement, the jobs cease to exist. Now, we have the people who were employed in exports out of work and we continue importing products that we could produce ourselves.

A global economy, the most vicious beast there is apart from the executive welfare, will only create potential for economic failure and collapse of stability. The proof of this can be found in the recent collapse of the banking institutions in the U.S. Even with Canadians losing jobs we continued importing goods from other countries that we are capable of producing here in Canada. If Canada imported the products that we needed and exported the products we had in abundance, then Canada would not have lost any jobs.

Canada’s international trade brainstorm is to export products to countries that have the means to produce themselves and then to import the products that we have the means to produce ourselves. This is not environmentally friendly nor does it provide national security. Shipping products down into the U.S. or across the ocean when it is unnecessary is a poor use of non-renewable resources and adds to the crises of climate change. Given the treat of terrorism and the increasing potential for terrorists to obtain nuclear devices, do we really need to be straining our ability to be able to thoroughly inspect all imports?

The financial cost of international trade to the Canadian taxpayer far outweighs any financial gain. International trade not only produces an unstable economy, it does nothing to combat climate change, it threatens national security and international trade limits our nation’s ability to voice our concerns for international events. Canada’s ability to stand up and be counted on global issues is limited because we have lost our independence and can be pressured into doing or saying something against our beliefs. It is important to be independent because dependence is enslavement and this brings us to the very nature of international trade.